Awards and Prizes

The New York Screenplay Contest awards and recognizes only the most finely written screenplays with distinction in four exclusive award tiers.

The judges will select one Grand Prize Winner from each official competition category along with an overall Grand Jury Prize Winner selected as the very best project from among all the competition categories. This is the contest's highest and most distinguished honor.

2nd and 3rd place awards are also presented in each of the main competition categories, the Empire Award and the Park Avenue Award, respectively.

In addition, up to 10 Official Finalists will be selected in each of the main competition categories at the discretion of the judges.

To preserve the prestige and exclusivity of the awards, only a maximum of 3 projects per competition category are honored with awards along with 10 Official Finalists.

Award Tiers

  • Grand Prize (1st Prize)
  • The Empire Award (2nd Prize)
  • The Park Avenue Award (3rd Prize)
  • Up to 10 Official Finalists


Winners and Official Finalists will receive prize packages consisting of combinations of the following prizes and benefits from our sponsors and partners:

  • IndieClub Pro Membership
  • Scripped PRO Subscription
  • Product and Service Packages
  • Special Discounts from NYSC and our Partner Companies

IndieClub PRO Membership
Since the organization’s creation in 1998, thousands of filmmakers, actors, musicians, and crew members have benefited from President Eric Colley (a director, producer, and actor) created IndieClub because he saw a need for an organization geared at connecting people in the industry as well as encouraging entertainment organizations to work together. IndieClub partners with many filmmaking organizations as well as one-time events and festivals in order to offers members additional benefits and help promote the entire independent filmmaking and arts community. The club continues to gain international exposure and grow in numbers.
Recipients: Grand Prize Winners of all competition categories

Scripped PRO Subscription
Scripped Writer is a fast, easy and powerful web-based approach to screenwriting.  Use it wherever you go:  at work, on your friend's computer, or at school. Rather than installing traditional screenwriting software, your scripts are safely stored online, accessible from anywhere.
Recipients: Grand Prize Winners of all competition categories

Free Entry to the New York Screenplay Contest
Free entry of any one future project to the New York Screenplay Contest
Recipients: All Grand Prize Winners, Empire Award Winners, Park Avenue Award Winners, and Official Finalists

Script Feedback
Detailed commentary from a professional script reader and screenwriter about key script compenents such as story, structure, pacing, character, and commercial appeal.
Recipients: Empire Award Winners in all competition categories

All Winners and Official Finalists are eligible to receive our custom, beautifully crafted New York Screenplay Contest trophy as commemoration of your achievement.